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A culinary proposal focused on seasonal ingredients & special care in customers´s service


Idiazabal cheese fritters

A classic of Lakasa

Portion: 18.60€ Half portion: 9.30 €

Cold meat of veal tripe and cheeks

Thin slices of a tasty cold meat made in Lakasa

Portion: 17.00€ Half portion: 9.50 €

Mackerel marinated

and roasted pepper

Portion: 17.50€ Half portion: 11.00 €

Wild mushroom open tart

With cured pancetta & quail egg

Portion: 21.50€ Half portion: 12.00 €

Confit leeks

with vinaigrette & mayonnaise

Portion: 6.80€

Spanish cold tomato soup

With mackerel and spring onion

Portion: 17.50€ Half portion: 9.50 €

Fresh baby squid

With poached onions

Portion: 12.80€

Bouchor mussels with "Café de París" sauce

Una salsa con 26 ingredientes que explicamos al detalle

Portion: 24.80€ Half portion: 15.00 €

Main Dishes

Loin of red mullet

with brown butter sauce & cashews

Portion: 37.00€ Half portion: 19.50 €

Roasted skate wing

with mojo sauce & peppers

Portion: 29.80€ Half portion: 16.50 €

Wild tuna cooked in onions

Portion: 29.80€ Half portion: 16.50 €

Veal tartar

with dijon mustrad, capers & sprouts

Portion: 33.00€ Half portion: 18.00 €

Grilled steak

with organic vegetables & fried potatoes

Portion: 34.00€ Half portion: 18.80 €

Stewed pigeon


Portion: 35.50€

Pigeon with red curry sauce

And aubergine

Portion: 28.80€ Half portion: 15.00 €

Goatling cooked in ras el hanout

with pasta & yogurt herbs sauce

Portion: 38.50€ Half portion: 22.00 €

Stuffed pig´s trotters

With parmentier purée

Portion: 28.50€ Half portion: 19.00 €

Veal sweetbreads with pork belly, mushrooms and gravy

Served with “patatas revoloconas”, a classic spanish poatoes stew with paprika.

Special Dishes

Baked rice with quail

With herbs alioli

Portion: 26.80€

Beef Wellington

Monday & friday lunch only

Portion: 38.50€ Half portion: 20.00 €


Puff pastry

with cinamon whipped cream

Portion: 11.00€ Half portion: 6.50 €

Cheese selections

Portion: 21.00€ Half portion: 11.80 €

Cheese cake

De las mejores que hemos probado.

Portion: 11.00€

Cream caramel millefeuille

With passion fruit

Portion: 11.00€ Half portion: 6.50 €

Creme caramel

Made it with sheep milk

Portion: 9.00€

Whisky tart

Portion: 11.50€ Half portion: 6.80 €

Choco tarta

scented with tangerine

Portion: 13.80€

Apple crumble

with cream milk

Portion: 11.50€ Half portion: 6.50 €

Sorbets & ice creams

Elaborados por el Obrador Grate en Logroño, La Rioja.


Portion: 11.00€ Half portion: 6.00 €
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